He takes on a rather different appearance, although Tezuka stated that Yamato "didn't change a bit." He points out flaws in posture and character for his teammates in the middle of matches, and even offers constructive criticism or praise for his opponents where appropriate. In the musicals, Momoshiro has been portrayed by Eiji Moriyama (2003-2005), Masaki Kaji (2005-2006), Shinpei Takagi (2006-2007), Tetsuya Makita (2007-2009), Toshihiro Nobuyama (2008-2010), Toru Kamitsuru (2010–2012), Masyu Ishiwatari (2012–2014), and Shuto Mashima (2015-2016). 7 in the world, the members of this team are mostly Atobe's former grade school classmates. Known as the Gatekeeper of Hell, Oni is a member of the 5th Court on the High School team who plays to keep all lower ranked players from moving up, intended as a means of further train the second string. Yamato then thanks Tezuka claiming that he had tended to his retirement match. Indebted to Byoudouin for saving his sister's life, Duke immediately jumped ship to join the U-17 Japanese team following the match. Unlike Inui and Renji, Akuto's eyes can actually be seen a majority of the time. Pro-level captain of the German U-17 team and Tezuka's personal coach, known as the "Philosopher of Victory". 1 Byoudouin, and is on par with the No. In the manga, he had lost to Tezuka at one point while Tezuka was still a 1st year. In The Prince of Tennis Musicals, Fuji has been portrayed by actors Kimeru (2003–2005), Takashi Nagayama, who stood in during Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine due to a cast change, Hiroki Aiba (2005–2007, 2008), Yuuta Furukawa (2007–2009), Taito Hashimoto (2008–2010), Ryou Mitsuya (2010–2012), Yusuke Yata (2012-2014), and Yuuki Kamisato (2015–2016). Prince Of Tennis Ep74 Vostfr Echizen Ryoma VS Tezuka Tezuka Zone Droite He is often seen playing (or at least trying to play) with Ryoma's cat, Karupin, who wanders off on his own most of the time. No. He most wants a new knitted hat. Unlike his doubles partner Ochi, Mouri will often throw in casual comments on his current observations, making him more amiable of the two. The school is famous for its talented tennis club in which the series' leading protagonist, Ryoma Echizen, is enrolled into the school by his father, Nanjiro Echizen, a former professional tennis player and Seigaku alumn. During the exhibition match between Germany and Japan, he was somehow able to perceive the fact that, despite Volk playing in the last match, it wasn't going to be a blowout victory like many would assume. The Prince of Tennis (Japanese: テニスの王子様, Hepburn: Tenisu no Ōjisama) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi.The manga was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump from July 1999 to March 2008. List of The New Prince of Tennis Chapters. A player (who bears a strong resemblance to Arnold from the Magic School Bus) originally from the third court, who, like Oni, is much stronger than what his position implies and did not join the first string in order to train Tokugawa. Tachibana and the abused freshman attempted to rally together and form their own tennis club, but the coach and the other players find this idea absurd and try to stop this from happening. Josei Shonan (城成湘南中学校, Jōsei Shōnan Chūgakkō) resides in the Kanagawa Prefecture of the Tokyo region. Within these two years, he drastically improved as a player to the point that Yamato was able to join U-17 and reunite with Tezuka with a whole new appearance. Fuji later admits to Tezuka that this is due to the fact that he has zero motivation to win, at least prior to the Nationals. The story is about Ryoma Echizen who is an excellent tennis player attends Seishun Academy and its tennis team. He takes on a rather different appearance- his hair is dyed orange, he has serveral piercings, and took off his glasses, revealing grey eyes. Eiji is a friendly, sweet-tempered, and outgoing character and the youngest of a large family. Ranked No. Momoshiro develops an affinity for playing doubles and even masters it, despite expressing a preference for singles. No. 1 Summary 2 Manga Chapter Equivalents 3 Trivia 4 Gallery More matches are played, Tezuka vs. Kaidoh and Atobe vs. Hiyoshi. “The Prince of Tennis” is a manga about a junior high school tennis team. Knowing that the fear of losing and disappointing others is the only thing holding Tezuka back, he encourages Tezuka to play for himself rather than the team, advice that allows Tezuka to finally access the Pinnacle of Perfection. tennis juniors #!mine #!gifs #yOU GUYS LISTEN #lu xiangqian was mILES AHEAD of nanjiroh anime ver #loved loved his characterization #hE JUST LOVES LU XIA SO MUCH #(sry for multiple posts. No. Other than Japan, Tube is the only other country in the tournament whose world rank has improved as drastically following the pre-World Cup. Ryoga is Nanjirou's first child from a previous relationship prior to meeting Ryoma's mom, Rinko. [14], Kaidoh has been placed on every single popularity poll taken for The Prince of Tennis. Yamabuki's regular sports uniforms are green jackets with yellow stripes with hoods, shirts of the same design, white shorts, and green warm-up pants. He also has a double-edge sword technique known as the Black Hole, which allows him to literally create a small rip in space-time to stop the ball, which from then he can almost always return a winning shot. The Prince of Tennis, Vol. He a National player and almost never smiles - … In the musicals, Kaidoh has been portrayed by Naoya Gomoto (2003-2005), Kousuke Kujirai (2005-2006), Tomo Yanagishita (2006-2008), Yuuichirou Hirata (2007-2009), Akihiro Hayashi (2008-2010), Ryousuke Ikeoka (2010–2012), Tatsunari Kimura (2012–2014), and Hiroki Sana (2015-2016). In the manga, he bumps into Tezuka at the camp while Tezuka is jogging, and the two of them talk, as Yamato is surprised that Tezuka was still able to recgonize him despite his very different look from two years ago. Somewhat ironically, Atsukyou has a plate over his left knee from a previous unknown incident. Beyond them, there are many rival schools whose players reappear during the course of the series. Why, the success of his tennis team. Tezuka joins this team after leaving Japan as a part of his pre-requisites to going pro. Though he and Atobe have never met, Atobe credits him as the one who brought Hyotei to the national level. Just like Yukimura Seiichi, Yamato (when off the court) always wears his jacket on his shoulders. Harumi Saotome is the coach and encourages on-court violence, especially towards the coach of the other team. Ranked No. His tennis somehow incorporates the Divine Path of Asura, allowing him to increase the speed of his shots or make them bounce unpredictably. He was challenged by the captain in his first year to become the "pillar" the team could rely on. Break the Haughty: The entire match against Seigaku was this for him.On top of this, there's also his match against Fuji. He can also use the "Drop Volley", a feint hit with the power of a drop shot, making the trajectory much closer to the net. The Prince Of Tennis season 3 episode guide on TV.com. Momoshiro's signature move is the Dunk Smash, a very powerful smash performed as he jumps several feet into the air. He copies it from Fudomine's Tetsu Ishida, who learned it from his brother, Gin. He is also seen frequently riding around in a segway and doesn't seem to train as much as the other players. Byoudouin had saved Duke's younger sister from a collapsing roof of a building just before a major group league match in France at the time, where Duke would be his opponent. He and Renji both later join the intel support team for the All-Japan Representatives. The story is about Ryoma Echizen who is an excellent tennis player attends Seishun Academy and its tennis team. After that, he keeps his regular spot when Tezuka leaves for rehabilitation. The injuries sustained from the accident made Byoudouin lose the subsequent match in a group league, forcing his team to drop out. Eiji Kikumaru (菊丸 英二, Kikumaru Eiji) is part of Seigaku's "Golden Pair" along with Oishi. Entry into the camp is only possible through invitation, and 50 middle schoolers from Prince of Tennis were invited to further develop their skills. Outside of tennis, he excels in fly swatting, bug collecting, cooking, and can often be found in the gymnasium when not at the tennis courts. Ryuzaki has a rivalry with her ex-mentor Mikiya Banda, a.k.a. Based on the hit manga series by Takeshi Konomi. Ranked No. His original goal was to become the number one player in Japan in order to inspire a group of orphans whom he played with often. He is voiced by Naru Kawamoto in Japanese media, Richard Cansino in English media, and portrayed by Yoshikazu Kotani in The Prince of Tennis live-action film. Fuji recreates his tennis to be more offensive (as opposed to his more defensive, passive approach of past matches) in order to be more competitive at the U-17 world cup, at which he is one of the 14 middle schoolers representing Japan. Eccentric, insightful and gentle, Yamato has a unique "way" of explaining things that even Sumire Ryūzaki has trouble understanding him. The high school team debuted in New Prince of Tennis as members of the elite U-17 tennis camp for the All-Japan team. He takes the No. It's alright. He seems to easily become embarrassed as Kaido, but is also seen practicing proper etiquette more so than anyone else in the series because of his consideration for others. Part 7 of the love story between Yu Qing students Qi Ying and Lu Xia. He is often bullied in some sorts by his older siblings, Ryoma and Momoko (Momoshiro). 1 badge. He develops the shot under Inui's advice and by working with him in doubles. He is easily the most prideful and arrogant player on the first string, and won't hesitate to attack his own teammates with a tennis ball if he feels they've let go of their pride. Fudoumine's uniforms are black hooded jackets with the Fudoumine logo, black shirts, white shorts, and black warm-up pants. A middle school 3rd year representative who is so far the only one on his team who does not have a name derived from mythology. Fuji generally seems very relaxed and in control, whilst his opponent is pushing himself to the limit, giving many the impression that Fuji is either a genius who knows how to save his energy during play, or that he does not really care about tennis itself. He will need to go through more strength conditioning to defend against his old injury from flaring up. In the anime, coach Ryuzaki asks him for his guidance when they go to a training camp to prepare for the Kantō conference final against Rikkai. This helps him to make up for his lower power stat since this thing is a catapult. According to Takeshi Konomi, Hyoutei's popularity was much higher than he expected, and it was for that reason that he chose to bring them back into the story. What a … Fuji generally seems very relaxed and in control, whilst his opponent is pushing himself to the limit, giving many the impression that Fuji is either a genius who knows how to save his energy during play, or that he does not really care about tennis itself. 5 in the world, Ryoma joins this team on Ryoga's invitation following his expulsion from camp. When he does, he travels by ship and other means of ground transportation to reach said destination. For some reason, he always keeps one pant leg rolled up relative to the other. Camp Straight: Has a lot of mannerisms, and also showed to have a crush on Yuuta's older sister. His dives and flips often astonish the spectators and often gets grudging praise from his opponents helping Eiji focus. Later on, it comes out that Tezuka is indeed a very passionate person who will never surrender in his pursuit of his ideals. Seeing his skill, the captain of the tennis team, Kunimitsu Tezuka, enters Ryoma's name on the roster for the intraschool ranking matches despite the fact that he is a freshman. Numerous schools from Japan battle it out to determine the best of the best. Sumire Ryuzaki (竜崎 スミレ, Ryūzaki Sumire) is the coach of Seigaku's tennis club and one of the school's math teachers. Volk rarely uses this move though, as he believes reliance on such techniques makes for a weaker tennis player. All its players are Okinawan martial artists, and incorporate their experience in their tennis style, such as with the "Shukuchihou" method of movement. Atsukyou is a very sadistic player with a rude and demeaning personality to match. Fuji Shusuke. Fuji's most famous moves are known as the Triple Counters: Higuma Ootoshi ("Bear Drop") for returning smashes; Tsubame Gaeshi ("Swallow Return") which runs on the ground without bouncing, effective against players at the baseline; and Hakugei ("White Whale"), a shot that uses the wind to hop straight into the air and return to Fuji on the bounce, effective against players at the net. Voice Actor. In New Prince of Tennis, he helps Renji take the No. Of all the taciturn characters in the series, Ochi is perhaps the most stoic and unsentimental. The flamboyant former captain of the Hyotei team paused, then turned to stare at the person who interrupted their morning practice. He was born November 28 at 6:28 am and is a Sagittarius. The captain of the French U-17 team. They further develop this by achieving "Synchronization", letting them act together as if they were only one person. Father Momoshiro is good at "faking out" his opponents and is just as excellent of a tactician as Oishi on the court. This manga is super popular, so it has been adopted into anime, video games, and even musicals. Not being able to speak, he mainly just says "fssshhuuuu". Yamato first appears in the manga storyline in the U17-Camp as a member of the 3rd Court, implying he has become far stronger than the Prefectural level that he was was two years ago. Watch The Prince Of Tennis episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Though Inui is good at predicting his opponent's movements, he can still be defeated by those who either have never shown him all of their techniques or simply surpass him on the physical level. He is voiced by Takayuki Kondou in Japanese media, voiced by Sam Riegel in English media, and portrayed by Hiroki Suzuki in the live action film. "Ah, Echizen. However, the same majority quickly proved to be inferior to the middle schoolers in terms of skill. The data books have revealed that Yamato is a Counterpuncher and is skilled at outsmarting the opponents and forcing them into his pace, allowing him to speed up the progression of the match to his advantage. In the musicals, Eiji has been portrayed by Yamazaki Ichitaro (2003-2004), Takashi Nagayama (2003-2005), Adachi Osamu (2005-2006), Koji Seto (2006-2007), Kyousuke Hamao (2007-2009), Takasaki Shouta (2008-2010), Koseki Yuta (2010–2012), Mario Kuroba (2012–2014), and Honda Reo (2015-2016). However, they are defeated in straight sets by Seigaku in the second round. 2 in the world, the Swiss Team is considered Germany's closest rival and is the only other team to have a pro-level player among their ranks. Like the flowing river, he possesses an ideology of splendour. Prince of Tennis Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Yamato then decides to show Tezuka the massive scars of the operation on his right arm which allowed him to play Tennis again, telling Tezuka to make the right choice. The protagonists of the series all attend Seishun Academy (青春学園, Seishun Gakuen), or Seigaku (青学) for short. In New Prince of Tennis, Oishi earns the No. Ryōtarō Okiayu (Japanese) Kirk Thornton (English) Kunimitsu Tezuka (手塚 国光, Tezuka Kunimitsu) is a third-year who is currently the captain of the Seigaku tennis team. Aragaki Kouichi; Gallery It wasn't until she had been matched with the boy's tennis captain, however, that she realized her weakness. Despite winning, Fuji was well aware that Tezuka's arm had not healed much meaning the match was a waste of time and just far too easy for Fuji with Yamato standing back as he watched Fuji request a rematch however despite Yamato being just outside of the cage of the court and being the only audience to the match, he let himself remain unnoticed by Fuji and Tezuka. The word "stoic" doesn't even begin to describe him. The Captains From different schools plays Truth or Dare.The sounds and Background music was from the app Memart and Kevin MacLeod.PS. Kawamura mainly relies on the Hadoukyuu (ハドウキュウ), a very powerful maneuver that uses 120% of an arm's strength, but puts a lot of strain on his arm. A vast majority of the high schoolers on the second string are extremely arrogant, looking down on the middle schoolers the moment they walked in the gates. However, he later learns the Black Jack Knife himself, and uses it to take the No. He also develops the Short Snake, which goes directly behind the net player, the Reverse Snake, which is used to keep opponents guessing, and the Tornado Snake, which is a fast straight shot with a spin that cuts air resistance. His style originates from his close friend, Renji of Rikkai, who played doubles with Inui before moving. He can also play well in singles by using his "Seal Step", which uses his speed to move from one location to a new one the moment the opponents eyes leave his first location. He becomes the Vice-captain of Seigaku the following year. "Ah, Echizen. Kunimitsu Tezuka (手塚 国光, Tezuka Kunimitsu) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series The Prince of Tennis created by Takeshi Konomi, who described Tezuka as the character with whom he has the least in common. Watch all you want. Duke is a generally a pleasant guy, referring to Byoudouin as "boss", and always lightly smiling with his eyes closed like Fuji. He later takes the No. The world of tennis is harsh and highly competitive. 18 in the world, this is the home team of this year's world cup. Ryoma Echizen is the 12-year-old son of a famous tennis player and a tennis genius in his own right. Tezuka is aloof from his teammates but highly regarded. In New Prince of Tennis, his wrists suffer severe damage after being on the receiving end of a Black Jack Knife, which has twice the spin and power of his regular Jack Knife. His favorite date spot is the amusement park; he loves anime/fantasy, idol magazines, and JPOP. Eccentric, insightful, and gentle, Yamato always wore a pair of dark sunglasses and is described as "flowing as the rivers do". Tennis Juniors ~ Chinese TV Shows. Seishun Gakuen Junior High School, more commonly known as … 19 position on the U-17 first string. Yamato reveals that shortly before Tezuka's arrival at Seigaku, he had severely injured his arm to help Seigaku win and had to undergo surgery and rehab afterwards in order to play again. Kawamura lowers the risk of the shot by using a Two-Handed Hadoukyuu (両手ハドウキュウ), which decreases the power. 17 on the first string before Renji took the position. Oni, being a 1st Stringer level player crushes Takei which results in 5th Court switching places with the 3rd Court. There are a few people that can "wake" the true player in Fuji and force him to play seriously, and these few are either nationally ranked or extremely talented tennis players. A total of 379 chapters were published and collected into 42 tankōbon volumes.. In the finals, however, they suffer a loss to Seigaku, and return to the Nationals to try and beat Seigaku to fulfill their 3rd win in the Nationals. bah.) Though he relies on data, he still trains excessively to keep up with his teammates, taking on a training load 2.25x more than Kaidoh's, which is already 3x ahead of the rest of the team. Strangely, this power seems only seems to stop the momentum of an incoming shot and doesn't negate any pre-existing spin. 9 badge to Atobe, he remains part of the U-17 team for the world tournament. Though a capable and agile player himself, able to jump high enough to catch Oishi's Moon Volley, he does not possess any special moves of his own. After an unspecified amount of time, it is revealed that Yamato had an operation to fix his arm. He is described as an all-rounder and a very skilled player, but according to Renji, had habitually skipped club practices in middle school. Voiced by: Masanori Ikeda. Like Ryoma, who gives off the aura of a samurai when playing seriously, Oni has the aura of a demon when doing the same, a nod to his name. Starring: Peng Yuchang, Dong Li, Zhang Yijie. It was originally unknown due to an unreasonable coach and a lazy set of senior regulars. Prince Of Tennis Ep74 Vostfr Echizen Ryoma VS Tezuka Tezuka Zone Droite While he collects data pertaining to tennis, he also collects personal pieces of data, such as favorite things, personal habits, and where they have been. He helps Ryoma buy time for the team by posing as Ryoga (just by wearing Ryoma's jacket) when the US team fails to show up on time for their exhibition match against the Tube Republic. tumblr keeps deleting my post. Now he has to overcome the older players on his high school team who are dead set against letting him surpass them. while in Burning Mode. Tezuka unleashes Muga no Kyouchi's Pinnacle of Perfection. In the Prince of Tennis Musicals, Oishi has been portrayed by Yuichi Tsuchiya (2003-2005), Hiroki Suzuki (2005-2006), Yukihiro Takiguchi (2006-2007), Yuya Toyoda (2007-2009), Yuki Tsujimoto (2008-2010), Jin Hiramaki (2010–2012), Ikkei Yamamoto (2012–2014) and Shun Ishida (2015-2016). Ranked No. Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. Prior to Tube's pre-World Cup match against the US, he and another representative attempted to trap the US team in the shower room by tying up their door in hopes of getting the team disqualified from the main tournament, as tardiness to a pre-World Cup match meant instant disqualification. When he is excited, provoked, or serious, Fuji reveals his sharp eyes: light brown in the manga and blue in the anime. In the The Prince of Tennis universe, Seigaku's tennis club was not always the feared monster that it is seen in the run of the series, and was average talent-wise when the school opened in 1925. He can also use Hiroshi Yagyuu's "Laser Beam", calling his version the Gyro Laser, which is an extremely fast shot with the same spin as the Tornado Snake, allowing him to confuse opponents. However, in his appearance in New Prince of Tennis, Yamato reappears as a 2nd year high schooler. Yamato, though mentioning his retirement, became a member of the 5th Court is chosen as one of the 20 players chosen to play the Top 20 of the All-Japan Junior Camp as they return from their Foreign Expedition. Even Irie was impressed by his technique. Orion is named after the hunter who was placed among the stars by Zeus. The first third of the tankōbon dealt with Kunimitsu Tezuka leaving to Kyūshū Region to treat his shoulder and to convalesce, which leaves Shūichirō Ōishi, the vice-captain to lead the team. 16 badge for the U-17 first string. Eiji's favorite color is red; he enjoys brushing his teeth, wandering around pet shops, omelette rice, fried shrimp, and shaved ice. Seigaku teammates Kunimitsu Tezuka and Ryoma Echizen, Shitenhōji captain Kuranosuke Shiraishi, Hyotei Gakuen Chuto Bu regular Yushi Oshitari and Rikkaidai Fuzoku regular Akaya Kirihara have been acknowledged by Fuji to be actual challenges. This injury comes back to haunt him, and eventually causes him to leave for Germany for treatment. While playing doubles, Eiji follows the lead of Oishi. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is given the title "tensai", or genius, due to his tactical skill on the tennis court. On the court, he frequently goes out of his way to insult and taunt his opponents. Candy Afable. Momoshiro and Kaidoh Kaoru are eternal rivals, and constantly try to out-do each other. Nevertheless, Byoudouin respects those that are truly strong and very much desires for the Japan team to reach the top of the tennis world. He was originally out for a brief jog around the city, but was drawn by the sound of tennis, and followed it to its source.
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