The more common problems could be related to the headlight bulbs themselves, a weak battery, or even the alternator starting to fail. The headlight switch might be the reason the headlights are flickering. Has this happened to you: Headlights Flickering while driving when cold out. So, I disconnected the other working LED ballast and was driving without the LEDs. The "bright lights" indicator comes on the dash when it happens. However, when I had it coded, one of the LED ballast wasn't working. The LED now goes on but when I turn on the headlights the one LED turns off and flickers. It is important to keep an eye out for the dashboard lights flickering because if the only symptom is a dead battery, then it could simply be … Flickering lights in dash/flickering headlights. Headlights shut off while driving at night Electrical fault, either the wires are grounding out somewhere along the line or there's a bad connection at the headlight. There are several factors that can cause headlights to flicker while driving. Hello all, I have a new issue and want to see if anyone else had this issue or know anything about it. I now have about 100 miles of night driving on the car and NO problems with the combination switch. For some reason GM chose not to use the external sense source terminal on the alternator to detect modulation in the charging current. If the problem persists, try pulling fuses (one at a time) to see if you can find the circuit which is causing the problem. This also happens while I am driving. So last night when I was driving home it was cold. I pulled them up so they would touch the selector more positively. Then, when I received a new ballast, I re-installed and connected both LED ballasts. My car has 117000 miles. Headlights flicking or dimming; Indicator light on dashboard turning on; The alternator is a crucial component in recharging the battery. One headlight keeps flickering on and off while driving.? 2.You have a short in the wiring going to your headlight. The headlight assy wasn't damaged other than one of the anchor points. Not even a minute later the passenger side lowbeam flickers, then goes completely out. Check behind your headlight where the harness connects to the bulb. The filament in your bulb is broken and as you drive it flicker as it touches the other side of the filament. Can you please point me in the right direction . It was the coldest weather I have ever driven my LR RWD in and was 12 F when I started. Signs of a bad HID headlight bulb • HID headlight bulb flickering is the EARLIEST sign of bulb failure. Pls try to turn off headlights and see if the instruments still show strange behavior. Shut off is sporadic and unpredictable but happens more and more often over the next 100 hours of operation. I then did as one poster suggested and bent the 3 individual contacts for the 3 headlight positions (flash high beams - low beams - high beams). About a minute into driving I noticed that first my right then my left headlight flickered for about 2 seconds. 3.You have a short in your high beam switch. Some GM trucks exhibit noticeable flickering dash lights and/or headlights, especially at idle with a heavy load (such as the A/C). • HID headlight bulb shuts off after being on for a while. So it is sitting a bit cockeyed, but not "damaged" I've also had the same issue with my coupe where both of the headlights put on a damn lightshow flickering and then turning off but that issue was no longer an issue after my body man resprayed the front bumper and grill. I locked my car and went into a store, when I came out, the headlights were flashing on and off. When I start my car both headlights are on and working. My car has an automatic transmission. • HID headlight bulb gives off a dim pink glow
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