How Long To Rest A Turkey Before Carving. Slice along the inside of the leg until reaching the joint with a 9" Carver. Use a sharp knife like a boning knife, utility knife, or illustrated here is an electric knife for carving the turkey. Remove the breasts: Slice along the ribcage until the breast meat comes away. The Cuisinart Electric Knife – Our top rated knife for thanksgiving (Click image to view on How to carve a turkey with an electric knife – step by step Preparation. Slice into the breast just above the ribs until you reach the breastbone. Using the knife, continue to make long cuts along the breast bone until the turkey breast meat separates from the bone. Now watch what happens when you slice the breast. Check the quality of the knife before proceeding. Cutting as close to the bone as possible, carve out the whole breast, pulling it away as you move the knife. Using the knife, press on the joint to separate it from the body. Give it Some Time to Cool Down . It’s important to let the meat rest after cooking. Run your knife along the back bone of the turkey and slowly work your knife down through the breast, removing as much meat as possible. Separate the thigh and drumstick. The electric knife was invented by one Jerome Murray, who also invented the airplane boarding ramp and a medical pump used for open-heart surgery, and it is essentially two serrated blades clipped together with a motor tacked on.Murray’s idea was to make carving larger cuts of meat, such as whole turkeys, a simpler task. Remove the stuffing. Below are steps given to guide you to carve a turkey with an electric knife like a pro. How to Carve a Turkey 1 Videos. • An electric knife or a large slicing knife (you may want to choose a manual knife since they provide more control than electric ones) • A small carving knife or fork for arranging and serving the meat Now that you have the equipment you need to carve the turkey, follow these steps in order to become a turkey carving expert: 1. Use your knife to make a slice along the breast bone, directly across the top of the turkey. When carving the turkey take off the turkey breast … The Traditional Method of Carving a Turkey: Remove the turkey leg. Place the cooked turkey on a large cutting board, breast-side facing up. (A cutting board with a juice channel is especially helpful when you're carving a turkey.) It’s easier to carve when it’s had fifteen or twenty minutes to cool. Start with the left turkey breast by positioning your knife just to the left of the breast bone and towards the top of the breast. Then make a slice down along the rib bone and remove the breast in one big piece. ; If the bird has been stuffed, remove the stuffing and place it in a serving dish. So read on! Continue to slice breast meat … First, let the turkey cool for a bit. The breast is the largest part of the turkey with the most white meat. Next, separate the joint that attaches the leg to the breast. Bobby's Turkey Carving Tips 1 Videos. Repeat the process on the other side. Trace down the side of the sternum all the way and get the whole breast off. Remove the wing. A large chefs knife and a small paring knife will also help to carve the breast meat off of the bone. Like with steak or pork, let your roasted turkey rest at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes before carving. A chef’s knife or slicing knife (a long flexible knife is best, but some also choose to use an electric knife) A platter to serve the turkey on (while carving, you want a separate platter from the cutting board to place the pieces you’ve already cut) Cover the Turkey with a foil tent right after cooking for 20-60 minutes before carving. Slice in a downward motion while your opposite hand pulls the breast meat away from the bone as you make your cut. An electric carving knife would be even better, but it’s not necessary. Your first cut should be to cut the band of skin holding the drumsticks to the body of the turkey. While some swear by electric carvers for their roast, the best knives you can use are your typical 8-inch chef's knife and a boning knife. When the knife reaches the cut above the wing joint, the slice should fall free on its own. Using a sharp chef's knife or carving knife, slice off a leg and thigh in one piece, keeping the blade of the knife close to the bone. Be sure to have a large enough cutting board with a towel placed underneath to prevent slipping and catch any extra juices. The key to a good carving knife is its sharpness; also, it should have a blade long enough to carve the breast into neat slices, meaning that it should extend about 5 cm (2") beyond the meat on both sides to allow for the sawing action. This is the trick that's going to make your white meat fall away from the bird in perfect, almost cinematic slices: Pull the thigh away from the turkey and lay your knife against the breast, parallel to and just above the thigh. Non-electric: DALSTRONG Carving Knife & Fork Set. And use your knife to stay as close to the bone as you can. Some people use an electric knife, but Chef Subra prefers a chef's knife. Begin by locating the breast bone in the middle and carve off one side of the breast. Step 4. The meat is more lean than the drumstick and thigh. Holding the turkey steady with a meat fork, make a deep cut on one side of the breastbone, starting near the neck and running the knife along the rib cage toward the tail of the turkey. After carving them first, then carve out the breast. This power horse electric carving knife works great at producing consistently perfected slices of turkey and really slices clean through the meat without schlep. For this you'll want a sharp knife. Remove the wings: Pull them back, as you did the legs, and cut at the joint. Here’s where the electric knife strives since there’s lots of meat to cut through and doing so with just a knife is strenuous. Cover the stuffing so it stays warm as the turkey is being carved. ... wings at their base before moving on to the turkey breast. Pull wing gently and slice through joint. The non-slip trigger allows for easy operation and the stainless steel blades and fork help you … Use that time to check your potatoes, make gravy, drink more wine — but most of all, to make sure your chef’s knife is sharp and honed. Place the breast on a cutting board, skin side up. How to carve a turkey, according to knife experts ... "Just have to carve the turkey, ... and cut between the breasts to split them, then carve the meat from the carcass to separate the two breasts. How to carve a turkey. Continue with the breast meat facing up. Remove the wing by pulling it back, in the same way as the drumstick. Beginning halfway up the breast, slice straight down with an even stroke. Step 5. A hyper-sharp, single-beveled sushi knife would be a nightmare for cutting a turkey. Begin by placing the turkey on the cutting board with the drumsticks facing you and the breast side on top. This allows juices to redistribute. Slice the turkey at an angle, creating even pieces. First, allow your cooked turkey to sit for about 20 minutes before starting to carve. This will keep the slices smooth and even. Plate the meat, and enjoy! Using either a carving knife or electric, you can perfectly carve a whole roast turkey, a spatchcocked turkey, or turkey breast. A paring knife, though sharp and skinny, is too short to efficiently carve the turkey breast. Similar Playlists. Knowing how to carve a turkey is easy once you know how – even when the pressure is on and you’re doing the honours at the Christmas or Thanksgiving table. They are blinded with their excitement so much that they don’t even let the turkey cool down for a sec and start carving it the moment it comes out of the oven. After carving them first, then carve out the breast. (A lot of times, you have to actually cut as far as you can down that way and then go under the bird and cut the breast off from the other side. Make a horizontal cut along the base of the breast, then make vertical slices. Once you have separate one side of the breast, slice it into whichever size a meat you like. Thanksgiving Recipes. The meat is more lean than the drumstick and thigh. Carve the breast into thick-ish slices. Now is the time to use your knife sharpener. Let our Test Kitchen show you how to carve a Thanksgiving turkey like a pro. The meat should separate from the body easily. The versatile device is also capable of cutting other items, like bread, cheeses, vegetables and fruits, while the ergonomic handle and easy-release buttons make using the knife comfortable and convenient. Take the breasts off of the carcass, put them on a cutting board. Use your knife to make a slice along the breast bone, directly across the top of the turkey. The Butcher’s favorite tool when carving a roasted turkey is an electric knife. This will help distribute the juices evenly in the meat. Step 6. Wait to slice it until the rest of the parts of the turkey … 1. This is the mistake most people make in carving a turkey. Separate the thigh from the drumstick: Twist the leg and the thigh slightly to expose the joint. Make a deep cut, crossways, beneath each breast, then cut all the way down into the turkey, either side of the breast bone. The breast is the largest part of the turkey with the Trendy white meat. Do not use serrated knives or a chopper. You can then slice up the breasts and thighs, and your turkey is ready to serve! A freshly sharpened knife will require hardly any pressure to cut so all that juicy goodness stays inside the turkey and makes it to the plate. $89.87 at ... ensure no bone is in the way when it’s time to carve the breast. Styled just like a tree-felling chainsaw, this electric knife will have your guests in stitches as you carve them slices of turkey. Alton Brown teaches the easiest way to carve, or deconstruct, your turkey.
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